Dental Implants

We provide beautiful porcelain dental implant restorations for our patients in the Bryan and College Station area. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant is the optimum tooth replacement restoration, offering a natural appearance and function.

After the tooth is removed, the oral or periodontal surgeon often places a grafting material in the socket to maintain the bone. When the bone has filled in, the surgeon will place the implant (root replacement) in the bone. Approximately three months later, the surgeon will place a healing cap on the implant to shape the tissue. Then an abutment (post) is placed in the implant, extending above the gums. Our office will fabricate a precision custom porcelain crown (the part of the implant restoration that you can see) and fix the crown onto the implant abutment. The entire process can take from three to six months, during which time you can have a temporary restoration if needed for esthetic purposes.

The final product is a beautiful tooth which can be cleaned and flossed like every other tooth. The resulting restoration looks and feels so natural that our patients often forget which of their teeth are implants and which are real teeth. This process can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth with implant bridges and implant supported dentures.

Are you a new patient? You can make a free consultation appointment. Dr. Stephanie Reeh or Dr. Tamie Erratt will answer any questions you have. Find out what dental implants can do for you!

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