Oral Surgery

When a dental emergency strikes, you don’t want to be left searching for a dentist! At Brazos Valley Dental Arts, we reserve space in our schedule for emergency patients, often on the same day we’re notified. Whether it’s your first time visiting us or you’ve been a patient for years, we’ll treat you with great care and efficiency. Our goal is to help alleviate your pain and get you back to your daily routine as quickly as possible. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office immediately!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We will extract fully erupted wisdom teeth, partially erupted, soft tissue and bony impacted wisdom teeth will be referred to a local oral surgeon to be removed under general anesthesia.

Emergency/Routine Extractions

Teeth are often very painful and not restorable due to extensive decay, loss of periodontal bone support, or infection. In the event that you find yourself with a tooth ache we are here to help. 

Orthodontic Extractions

During your orthodontic consultation your orthodontist may suggest that you have a few teeth removed prior to orthodontic treatment to ensure the best overall final outcome. Have your orthodontists refer you to our office for your extractions today! 

Orthodontic Extractions

The combination of inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen is a safe and effective way to manage pain and anxiety during your dental appointment. The effects of nitrous oxide are fast acting and wear off quickly so patients are able to return to all daily activities before they leave our office, with no need for a driver.

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